Is a prop rope-cut­ter re­ally worth­while?

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QI re­cently heard of rope cut­ters that can be in­stalled on the prop­shaft to cut away any­thing that tries to get around the pro­pel­ler. Would they be suit­able for narrowboats? HORN­BLOWER, via the CB web­site

ATONY REPLIES… They are suit­able and those that have them seem to swear by them, but you need enough space be­tween the prop and where the shaft comes out of the hull (pic­tured right) to get one onto the shaft. I have some doubts as to how they would cope with bulky items like du­vets, and I am cer­tain they would not re­move tyres that can get around the prop, so in those cir­cum­stances, ex­tra care is re­quired us­ing the weed­hatch.

How­ever, un­less you are boat­ing in a very ur­ban area, I won­der if you ei­ther have a deep drafted boat or tend to drive the boat too fast for the wa­ter depth, es­pe­cially through bridges.

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