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QThere is 40ft nar­row­boat I am think­ing of buy­ing, but un­like most other boats, it says that it has a ‘dis­place­ment hull’. What am I let­ting my­self in for? What are the differences? Would this type of hull cost more to main­tain? The ad­vert also says ‘Steel­work plat­ing: 10mm, 6mm, 4mm’.

TOR­TUGA GUY, from the CB web­site

ATONY REPLIES... All narrowboats are dis­place­ment hulls; ie, not de­signed to climb out of the wa­ter and skim along like fast cruis­ers. I think the word ‘dis­place­ment’ is just win­dow dress­ing. I sus­pect this is an old boat. Take care: it is easy to buy a hull so badly rust-pit­ted it might sink. Al­though it will cost sev­eral hun­dred pounds, get a hull sur­vey be­fore you buy.

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