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1 pint of milk 1 lb of had­dock Bag of wa­ter­cress or spinach, washed and chopped 2 tbls plain flour 2lb mash­ing pota­toes But­ter


START BY PRE­PAR­ING the pota­toes by peel­ing and cut­ting and just cov­er­ing them in cold, salted wa­ter. Bring the wa­ter to the boil and sim­mer un­til soft. Mash them with but­ter and milk un­til soft and creamy. Set them aside to keep warm.

Bring 1 pint of full cream milk to the boil and then lower the heat to sim­mer­ing point. Place your piece of smoked had­dock into the milk, add a lid and sim­mer for about 5 min­utes on the low­est heat. Keep an eye on the pan as milk is prone to boil­ing over. Check that the fish is cooked. The flesh should eas­ily fall away when prod­ded with a fork.

Strain the milk into a jug, take the fish from the pan and leave it to cool. Into the same pan, add a 3 oz knob of but­ter and melt. Add two ta­ble­spoons of plain flour to the but­ter and com­bine un­til a sticky paste is formed and then slowly add the strained milk, mak­ing sure that you whisk the but­ter, flour, milk combo with a spring whisk un­til a thick­ened sauce is achieved. Re­move the skin and bones from the cooled fish, sep­a­rate the flakes and add it to the sauce.

Melt some more but­ter or oil in a pan and over a low heat stir in the wa­ter­cress for just a few min­utes. Spoon some mash into large shal­low soup bowls and gen­tly pour over the fishy sauce. Gar­nish with the wa­ter­cress and serve with crusty bread and cheese.

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