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An ideal meal to serve to chil­dren


1 ta­ble­spoon of but­ter

350g of mac­a­roni pasta Medium onion, diced

1 heaped ta­ble­spoon of plain flour

Ap­prox 1 pint of full cream milk

6oz Ched­dar cheese, grated

3 rash­ers of ba­con

Salt and pep­per


START BY COOK­ING the pasta ac­cord­ing to the in­struc­tions on the packet. Once it’s cooked, drain and rinse in boil­ing wa­ter to re­move starch then keep it warm in the pan with the lid on. Dice an onion very finely and fry it in a saucepan with a ta­ble­spoon of olive oil for a just few min­utes un­til ten­der. Don’t let it brown oth­er­wise the sauce may dis­colour.

Add diced ba­con and cook through for a few min­utes. To make the sauce, add the but­ter to the ba­con pan and melt it. Stir in a heaped ta­ble­spoon of plain flour to the melted but­ter.

Turn off the heat and us­ing a spring whisk, grad­u­ally stir in a lit­tle full cream milk, whisk­ing to pre­vent the sauce go­ing lumpy. Con­tinue un­til you get a thick, but still pourable, sauce. Taste and sea­son with salt and pep­per. Add the cheese to the sauce over a very low heat un­til the cheese has melted and the sauce is sim­mer­ing.

Pour in a good driz­zle of olive oil onto the cooked pasta and give it a good stir then add the pasta to the sauce. Al­low it to sim­mer for a few min­utes to make sure the pasta is hot. Serve with tomato slices and a basil salad dressed with a splash of olive oil and crushed gar­lic top­ping. Martha won’t eat this as she doesn’t like toma­toes but sec­ond help­ings of my mac­a­roni cheese go down well.

How did mine fare? I beat Mrs Paddy in the pasta stakes.

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