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SCOT­TISH CANALS is plan­ning a ma­jor over­haul of moor­ings charges, which it says is aimed at achiev­ing a “fair and rea­son­able” ap­proach to pric­ing, but which will re­sult in steep rises for some boaters.

Fees for berths on the low­land and high­land wa­ter­ways hav­ing “emerged over the years” with no log­i­cal pat­tern and con­sid­er­able in­con­sis­tency, so in 2015 SC launched an in­de­pen­dent study aimed at build­ing a frame­work for the fu­ture. This com­pared ex­ist­ing fees with the CRT net­work, coastal mari­nas and with the cost of rent­ing a flat in the area as a com­par­i­son.

It led to a ma­trix of pro­posed charges based on lo­ca­tion (rang­ing from at­trac­tive vil­lages or towns to ar­eas in need of re­gen­er­a­tion) and fa­cil­i­ties (from full boat­yard ser­vices to a plain un­ser­viced length of bank), rang­ing from £39 to £260 per me­tre per year.

Rel­a­tive to cur­rent fees, this could mean any­thing from a slight fall for a few boaters to a rise of over 70 per­cent for oth­ers; the av­er­age in­crease be­ing just over 30 per­cent on the low­land canals and 15 per­cent on the Cale­do­nian. Fol­low­ing a con­sul­ta­tion, SC will im­ple­ment the new ma­trix this year, but it will limit in­creases so no boater faces a sin­gle fee hike of more than £100 plus in­fla­tion. Mean­while, Scot­tish li­cence fees, which were raised sub­stan­tially in 2015, have been pegged to the price index.

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