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I am fit­ting out my boat with the gal­ley at the back and the toi­let/shower half­way along. I am con­cerned that the toi­let/shower taps will take all the wa­ter flow from the gal­ley. Also, what is the air pres­sure set­ting for the ac­cu­mu­la­tor?

BOB NEIL, via email


TONY REPLIES: As long as the wa­ter pump de­liv­ery vol­ume is more than can flow from an open tap, you need not worry. Many boats are the re­verse of this (with the gal­ley closer to wa­ter pump) and have few prob­lems. Yours is just the op­po­site way around.

You could run the main cold sup­ply pipe from the pump to the calori­fier in 22mm pipe with the cold sup­plies Teed off it in 15mm pipe. How­ever, if the pump de­liv­ery can­not keep all of the out­lets op­er­at­ing this will make lit­tle dif­fer­ence. The ac­cu­mu­la­tor stores a vol­ume of wa­ter un­der pres­sure, so that as the wa­ter in the calori­fier cools and con­tracts the pump does not run at night. It also al­lows you to draw a lit­tle wa­ter with­out the pump run­ning so re­duc­ing pump cy­cling.

It should be set to the pump cut in pres­sure (but it is eas­ier to set it to about half the pump cut-out pres­sure as that is writ­ten on the box).

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