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I changed my Mikuni diesel heater’s Cross­land 489 fuel fil­ter, but it was not sup­plied with re­place­ment seals so I re­fit­ted the old seals. How­ever I have not been able to stop the fil­ter unit from leak­ing de­spite re­in­stalling it four times. The leak seems to be com­ing from around the main seal which has un­for­tu­nately now bro­ken, so I will have to get a re­place­ment.

I think the fil­ter car­tridge has been in­serted the right way up, be­cause the word­ing on the car­tridge is not up­side down, so other than re­plac­ing the seals, where might I be go­ing wrong? It seems quite a fid­dly item to deal with, and should be eas­ier to ser­vice un­less I am mak­ing some fun­da­men­tal er­ror. DEAN HAWKEY, via email


TONY REPLIES: The 489 el­e­ment is a throw­away unit that fits in­side a re­mov­able metal bowl. The el­e­ment has a small hole at one end for the cen­tre se­cur­ing bolt and a larger one at the other that fits against the cast al­loy fil­ter head. Nor­mally the fil­ter bowl hangs down and the cen­tre se­cur­ing bolt fits up from the bot­tom. This means that the small hole should be at the bot­tom with the large hole pushed up against the fil­ter head. I think you have prob­a­bly fit­ted the el­e­ment up­side down and it is pre­vent­ing you pulling the bowl up against the seal in the head. You have prob­a­bly also crushed the el­e­ment so I would sug­gest a new one that should come with the re­quired seals.

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