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I have repacked the stern gland but found the hous­ing was get­ting warm dur­ing a test run. If I just slacken off will it sort it­self out or should I start again? DON­ALD CHAP­MAN, via email


TONY REPLIES: It will get a lit­tle warm but not too hot to keep your hand on it. Yes, if you slacken it a lit­tle it should sort it­self out. Just make sure that with the en­gine turned off and the gear in neu­tral (if you have a Lis­ter LH150 box, read the man­ual to find how to lock it in neu­tral with the en­gine off) you can turn the shaft by hand us­ing the cou­pling.

Stern glands should be warm but not hot

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