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VAL AND GRA­HAM Mat­tock both used to be po­lice of­fi­cers, so for many years boat­ing was a great way of es­cap­ing the pres­sure. They hired for many years be­fore buy­ing that first boat of their own.

They get about, too, usu­ally cov­er­ing in ex­cess of 800 miles and pass­ing through at least 600 locks each year. Their pre­vi­ous boat had 3,800 hours on the clock after seven years.

While their pre­vi­ous boats had been named after a much loved dog, Hart­land was cho­sen as a name for this one to hon­our Gra­ham’s fa­ther. In the name panel are what look like a cou­ple of pick­axes; they are in fact mat­tocks, im­ple­ments which may have been used to dig canals. “We’re a cou­ple of Mat­tocks”, says Gra­ham, “so we thought we’d have a cou­ple of mat­tocks on the side of our boat!”

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