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Al­ways wanted to spot a planet from your boat but not sure where to look? This month we can nav­i­gate our way to three plan­ets by moon­light. First up is Jupiter, the eas­i­est of our three tar­gets. As dark­ness falls on May 7th look below the moon for a bright star-like ob­ject nes­tled be­neath. That’s Jupiter ticked off your list!

Next is Saturn. The ringed planet is a bit more of a chal­lenge as it’s not as bright as Jupiter. It’s also a late-night ren­dezvous. You’ll need to wait up un­til after mid­night on May 13th and into the early hours of the 14th to catch a near-full moon ris­ing over the south­east­ern hori­zon. Close by, to the moon’s lower right, you’ll find Saturn as a pale yel­low point of light.

A few morn­ings later ahead of sun­rise on May 22 is ar­guably the most dif­fi­cult of our plan­e­tary trio to iden­tify. At about 4:15am as the day’s first light breaks over the hori­zon look low to­wards your east for a thin cres­cent moon. To the moon’s left you’ll see a bright ‘star’ that for all the world looks like an air­craft land­ing light. This is Venus.

Venus is dwarfed by the moon

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