‘Now that the weather is fi­nally get­ting warmer and con­den­sa­tion is less of a prob­lem, it’s a good time to give the win­dows a bit of care’

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AT THIS TIME of year you’ll of­ten find a build up of al­gae in the drip chan­nel at the bot­tom of the win­dow; I use a small screw­driver to lift out large bits and then tis­sue on the end of a screw­driver for a fi­nal clean.

Make sure you poke or blow out the two holes that drain con­den­sa­tion to the out­side.

On older boats you might find that the rub­ber cord that helps seal the glass into the frame has pulled out of the curved lower cor­ners of the win­dow. Try push­ing it back in place with the han­dle of a tea­spoon. If it pops up again then pull it right out up to where it is clamped into the frame and cut it. Then push it back about half way to­wards the bot­tom of the frame but take care not to stretch it. Fi­nally, if the hop­pers do not seal prop­erly you can get self-ad­he­sive closed cell foam strip to re­place the old ones.

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