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EVER HAD A feel­ing that your boat might be tilt­ing but you’ve never been able to mea­sure it (as op­posed to you tilt­ing be­cause you’ve had a mea­sure...)?

Try the Cli­nome­ter app which has an in­te­grated in­cli­nome­ter, slope finder, mea­sure of el­e­va­tion and de­pres­sion, and a bub­ble level to ac­cu­rately mea­sure things as small as how straight a pic­ture frame is, how level shelves

are, the slope of a roof or the 101 other things you could use it for on your boat.

Sim­ply place your phone flat on a sur­face or par­al­lel to a line to see the bub­bles and di­als move in the di­rec­tion of in­cli­na­tion – then ad­just ev­ery­thing ac­cord­ingly. The app is cus­tomis­able, user-friendly, and very use­ful – we think it’s bril­liant.

Avail­able free on App Store and Google Play

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