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A spa­cious shower was high on Karen and Ian’s wish list, so the quad­rant here is a gen­er­ous 900mm. Clev­erly, the rain­fall-style shower head is built into the ceil­ing, giv­ing max­i­mum height and a very sleek look. There’s a small amount of stor­age space be­tween the shower and the cabin side.

A unit topped with a grey Min­erva work­top is in the op­po­site cor­ner and this con­tin­ues un­der the gun­wales to pro­vide ex­tra cup­board space. The basin, which sits on top, is a strik­ing deep oval de­sign.

The loo is a Ve­tus mac­er­a­tor unit, hid­den out of sight be­hind the door to the cabin. The tank is across the boat at the

stern. That means there’s a sig­nif­i­cant length of pipe be­tween the two. How­ever, Bourne have used rigid pipe be­cause it’s not prone to be­come por­ous like flex­i­ble pipes can; and it runs along the boat un­der the gun­wale, so ma­te­rial is pumped down­hill to the tank.

On the out­side of the boat, there are two pump-out points. One would be used when vis­it­ing a nor­mal pump-out ma­chine. The other is for a built-in self pump-out sys­tem. The pump is in the en­gine hole and can be used to pump from the tank into a con­tainer, which could be emp­tied at an El­san sta­tion. It’s a fa­cil­ity that might be used only very oc­ca­sion­ally but it’s al­ways good to have op­tions.


The first thing you no­tice about the cabin is that there are two sin­gle beds rather than a dou­ble. Karen says the de­sign of the room was the sub­ject of much de­bate but as they didn’t want to have to make up a bed each night, didn’t want to have to climb over each other to get up and wanted a clear route through to the bow doors, the two sin­gles be­came the ob­vi­ous choice. An­other ad­van­tage is that they can have dif­fer­ent mat­tresses.

There’s masses of stor­age, so much in fact that Karen says she doubts they’ll ever fill it all. For a start, the beds lift on gas struts to pro­vide ac­cess to the space in the bases.

Then, at the foot of one bed, there’s a wardrobe while the other has a dress­ing table with a stool and a mir­ror.

There are high cup­boards at the head of the beds, with read­ing lights un­der­neath.

Then there are more wardrobes ei­ther side of the bow doors. There’s also an­other dog gate here.

Stylish fit­tings ex­tend to the bath­room

The spa­cious shower was a must

Now that’s what we call a shower

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