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The near­est wind­ing hole to Grape Es­cape’s moor­ing is about 45 min­utes away, so we had the op­por­tu­nity to test the boat over sev­eral miles, once we’d turned 180 de­grees just to point to­wards the ma­rina exit.

What’s more, those miles were part of the twist­ing and turn­ing Leeds & Liver­pool Canal on the out­skirts of Burn­ley, pro­vid­ing plenty of op­por­tu­nity to see how the boat coped with some very sharp bends.

It’s the first time we’ve tested one of Bourne’s own shells and it han­dled in­cred­i­bly well.

It’s not just a mat­ter of the boat go­ing where it’s pointed, a big test is how eas­ily you can get the bow mov­ing with­out resorting to the bow thruster.

In this case, putting the tiller over and adding a lit­tle burst of power was enough to move the bow side­ways, just as you’d hope.

The en­gine is quiet, thanks to a hos­pi­tal si­lencer, there’s plenty of room on the stern deck for the helms­man and crew, and on this trip the proud own­ers demon­strated how com­fort­able it is to sit and re­lax at the bow.

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