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Q From time to time my BMC 1800 en­gine with PRM gear­box suf­fers from lit­tle or no for­ward drive. Se­lect­ing and revving in re­verse, then se­lect­ing for­ward seems to rec­tify the prob­lem? At the last ser­vice dur­ing 2016 I men­tioned this is­sue, but was ad­vised it was be­cause ‘the oil was past its best’ and sim­ply needed chang­ing. All ap­peared good for sev­eral months, but it has be­gun to hap­pen again. Any thoughts? VIC GORNY, via email A TONY REPLIES: A hy­draulic gear­box will do this if it is short of oil or is not cor­rectly filled with en­gine oil, rather than thin red ATF/Dexron as used in some other makes. Re­move the ca­ble from the op­er­at­ing lever on the gear­box and put it in and out of gear by hand. If that solves the prob­lem, ad­just the ca­ble. If you have no gear­box oil cooler, the oil may be over­heat­ing and get­ting too thin. If none of the above solves the prob­lem, the ahead clutch might be slip­ping. But be­fore jump­ing to that con­clu­sion get the gear­box hot oil pres­sure tested, be­cause a worn pump or blocked in­ter­nal oil strainer would cause low oil pres­sure and clutch slip.

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