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Q Our Kub­ota en­gine, marinised by Nanni, ap­pears to lack an air fil­ter. It just has a sealed em­ply plas­tic case with a spout. Is that right? MAG­GIE ALLEN, via email A TONY REPLIES: Ma­rine en­gines are not de­signed to op­er­ate in dusty at­mos­pheres so Nanni have de­cided a fil­ter is not nec­es­sary (you have an ‘in­take si­lencer’). Many Ve­tus en­gines (Mit­subishi-based) have a sim­i­lar ar­range­ment, while some Isuzu en­gines just have a plate with a num­ber of small holes; many Lis­ters and Perkins en­gines had a metal cover over the in­take, and BMCs have a wire mesh ‘fil­ter’ which, with the way they tend to be ser­viced will never trap dust. None of these have a rep­u­ta­tion for an un­rea­son­ably short life.

Even with en­gines in/un­der the liv­ing ac­com­mo­da­tion, most of the stuff that clogged fil­ters on our hire fleet was blan­ket fluff and pet hairs, both of which will just get burned in the en­gine.

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