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QI would like to change the coolant in my Isuzu 4.2 en­gine. Where can I find the plug or tap to drain the wa­ter? DES DOUGHERTY, via email

AI don’t know if that par­tic­u­lar en­gine has one, but they usu­ally do, though. Imag­ine look­ing at the front or rear of the bare en­gine, then work­ing up from the sump there will be a short ver­ti­cal sec­tion of the block that then turns in­wards at both sides be­fore re­turn­ing to the ver­ti­cal right up to the cylin­der head. The low­est point in the wa­ter jacket is just above the parts that swing in­ward and on the up­per ver­ti­cal sec­tion. Look along both sides of the en­gine at that height for a brass plug or a tap, some­times on the end of an el­bow ex­ten­sion. Even if you can­not find a plug, re­mov­ing the lower main cooling hose con­nec­tion on the en­gine wa­ter pump will al­low most of the coolant in the en­gine to drain.

If this is a skin tank-cooled nar­row­boat it is prob­a­bly eas­i­est to drain the whole sys­tem from the lower hose on the skin tank. If you can­not eas­ily get to the lower hose con­nec­tion, free a joint on that hose where you can and hold the hose in the bot­tom of the boat so that it drains.

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