Canal Boat - - Technical -

Check that the bat­ter­ies are charg­ing cor­rectly. Check the Morse con­trol is work­ing cor­rectly and that the throt­tle and gears are select­ing smoothly. Check you have enough fuel in the tank and in­spect all fuel lines and shut-off valves for leaks. Check the con­di­tion of the stern gland, en­sure there’s plenty of grease and that the prop­shaft is turn­ing freely. Check/top up the en­gine oil and gear­box oil lev­els. Check the con­di­tion of the al­ter­na­tor belt. Check all coolant hoses for leaks and wear and tear. For raw wa­ter-cooling en­gines, check the sea­cock, im­peller and fil­ter and all pipework for leaks. Check the con­di­tion of the en­gine mounts. If they are worn re­place them or if the bolts seem loose, tighten them but only ad­just the top bolt. Check all bolts and con­nec­tions are tight on the cou­pling. Check the air fil­ter and re­place or clean as needed.

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