12 or 24v from wind power?

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I am look­ing at fit­ting a Rut­land wind gen­er­a­tor (avail­able in 12 or 24 volt). Our cabin sys­tem is 24-volt, but we might swap the boat and end up with a 12-volt sys­tem. If I were to buy a 24-volt unit, could the volt­age be stepped down; al­ter­na­tively could the out­put from a 12-volt unit be adapted to charge a 24-volt sys­tem? DP, via email

ATONY REPLIES: If you re­ally search you might find a 24 to 12-volt bat­tery charger (in which case dis­cuss it with the mak­ers/im­porters), but they are rare. Have you con­sid­ered so­lar power in­stead? These days so­lar seems the pre­ferred op­tion for much of the year, plus a gen­er­a­tor-fed mains charger or en­gine charg­ing for those few win­ter weeks when it is in­suf­fi­cient.

What power do you want from the wind?

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