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QWe are think­ing about hav­ing our 41ft steel nar­row­boat ex­tended by 10ft or so. Do you have any thoughts on the ad­vis­abil­ity and any po­ten­tial prob­lems? The hull is spec­i­fied at 8 / 6 / 4 and around 5-7 years old. The en­gine is a Perkins 100 se­ries 1500cc with a small PRM 100 gear­box. The work would in­volve ex­ten­sions to wa­ter pipes and electrics but no ma­jor me­chan­i­cal al­ter­ations. PHIL DEA­CON, via email

AI am run­ning a 1498cc en­gine on 55ft and I am happy do­ing the Thames tide­way, so I think the me­chan­i­cals will be fine. If the gear­box is okay now, then it should still be okay. If your wiring size is mar­ginal and you have any heavy cur­rent de­vices (or a fridge in front of the stretch) they might suf­fer from volt-drop, but again I ex­pect they will still work. Question the boat­yard to find out how they will en­sure you do not end up with a banana-shaped boat.

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