Shower sump pump, or not?

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QWhat pur­pose does a shower sump with built-in pump serve? Are they re­ally nec­es­sary? TONY JOSE, via email

ATONY REPLIES: When used in in­land boats where users can be ex­pected to push a but­ton now and again, I think they are a right pain be­cause they can clog and leak smelly wa­ter into the bilge. How­ever the one ad­van­tage they would have is that they can be fit­ted with a float switch so they are fully au­to­matic, with the user sim­ply turn­ing on the shower and for­get­ting about the waste. The sump can also be used as a col­lect­ing point for grey wa­ter from wash basins al­low­ing the out­let to be above the water­line.

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