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QI have seen a 40ft Liver­pool Boat nar­row­boat for sale at £26,000, which seems fine but I have one con­cern: the Yan­mar two-cylin­derl diesel en­gine de­vel­ops 14hp and I won­der if it is un­der­pow­ered. I do not in­tend to cruise tidal rivers. TG, via the CB web­site

ATONY REPLIES: In to­day’s terms I think you are cor­rect, but re­mem­ber Liver­pool are/were a bud­get builder. It is also worth re­mem­ber­ing that in days gone by, full-length cargo-car­ry­ing boats had en­gines with this sort of quoted horse­power, or in some cases less (al­beit they swung large props, which tend to be more ef­fi­cient than smaller ones). I sus­pect it will be fine on canals but I would not be so happy on a river with a bit of flow on it, and it may take a fair while to stop. It is also im­por­tant that the pro­pel­ler is prop­erly matched to the boat and gear­box re­duc­tion.

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