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QI am look­ing for a used 38-42ft nar­row­boat and came across a Hall­mark boat (with Ve­tus en­gine of un­known hp) built in 2000, but the bro­ker­age had no idea of the base­plate thick­ness and rest of the hull spec­i­fi­ca­tions. It was priced at £23,500 and needed a bit of work cos­met­i­cally. Any thoughts?

TORTUGA GUY, via the CB web­site

ATONY REPLIES: I re­call Hall­mark as a bud­get boat-fit­ter, and an in­ter­net search con­firms this and sug­gests that their hulls were made by Float­ing Homes to some­thing like 6/4/3 (6mm base­plate, 4mm hull sides, 3mm cabin sides and roof). I can­not con­firm this, but if true the boat seems over­priced. Re­mem­ber, you might get more for your money by buy­ing an older boat from a high­er­spec hull builder than a more mod­ern boat by a bud­get builder.

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