Plenty of mod cons

Be­yond the gaze of Gon­goo­zlers, is a liveaboard life of lux­ury

Canal Boat - - Back Cabin: -

I’m of­ten asked how dif­fi­cult it is to cook and pre­pare foods on board. Gon­goo­zlers seem to think that we live with­out any ameni­ties and are shocked when they learn that we have two cook­ers – a con­ven­tional gas one and our back cabin range, plus a fridge freezer and a mi­crowave.

If I want to shock them fur­ther I tell them we also have a full-length bath and shower.

From the out­side Harry looks a bit like an old work­ing boat to the un­fa­mil­iar and maybe that’s why they ex­pect the very ba­sics of a cen­tury ago. Even so, I do won­der how some boaters man­age.

It must be very dif­fi­cult for the oc­cu­pants of those lonely, tatty old boats that sit list­ing on the tow­path, cov­ered in tar­pau­lins and peel­ing paint­work, a waft of smoke from the chim­ney an­nounc­ing that some­one is ac­tu­ally home.

How do they live their day to day lives, what do they eat and how do they man­age? The canals cer­tainly at­tract a var­ied pop­u­la­tion.

This month’s recipe is one that can be cooked no mat­ter how ba­sic your fa­cil­i­ties are. You need a source of cook­ing heat, which could be as sim­ple as your stove top or camp­ing stove, a bowl and a fry­ing pan. Sim­ple, quick and nour­ish­ing.

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