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QWhile in­ves­ti­gat­ing the cool­ing sys­tem on my Volvo Penta en­gine, I came across a plug that the man­ual says con­tains the an­ode, but when I un­screwed the plug it looks like a blank hole. What’s it for? FK, via email

ATONY REPLIES: The plug is iden­ti­cal to the an­ode holder on my Bukh, in which a pen­cil style an­ode screws onto the smaller thread and then the whole lot screws into the en­gine. I sus­pect the plug un­screwed it­self from the an­ode, which is still in the en­gine. I sug­gest screw­ing a bolt into the an­ode and ap­ply­ing a bit of force with a pair of grips. If you screw the bolt fully home you may twist the an­ode free.

The an­ode is to pro­tect the in­ter­nal en­gine parts from cor­ro­sion, be­cause an­tifreeze can­not be used in raw wa­ter cooled en­gines. Chang­ing the an­ode should be a yearly task un­til you as­sess its cor­ro­sion rate.

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