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Praise for CRT in li­cence hold-up, wa­ter re­stric­tions, let fish­er­men know you’re com­ing

We in­tend to move our boat from the CRT net­work onto the River Thames and duly ap­plied for a River Thames li­cence. In­ci­den­tally this is a li­cence for which we have to pay the full year fee for but will gain only a few months of use.

We sent off our ap­pli­ca­tion, but af­ter sev­eral days the cheque had not been banked so a call was made to the En­vi­ron­ment Agency boat reg­is­tra­tion ser­vice to check on progress of our ap­pli­ca­tion. Four calls were made, the first at 9am and each call han­dler in­sisted they could help but af­ter wast­ing each party’s time, the calls re­sulted in us be­ing asked to call back again in 30 min­utes.

The only com­mon an­swer was ‘well we have ten work­ing days to process ap­pli­ca­tions’. It proved im­pos­si­ble to es­tab­lish whether the li­cence had been re­ceived by EA or whether it was be­ing pro­cessed.

The fifth call to EA con­firmed the ap­pli­ca­tion had been re­ceived and the call han­dler asked whether we had con­sid­ered a CRT Gold Li­cence. We hadn’t up to that point but be­ing faced with call­ing back once again in 30 min­utes and en­dur­ing an­other long wait to get through, we called the CRT.

Our first call around 4.30pm to CRT was an­swered with con­fi­dence, own­er­ship and a pro­posal as to how they could help – bril­liant work CRT.

Af­ter con­sid­er­a­tion a sec­ond call was made around 4.45pm and the fee paid for the Gold Li­cence, know­ing we were un­der time pres­sure to re­ceive this pa­per li­cence ( EA in­sis­tence that phys­i­cal pa­per li­cence has to be is­sued) the call-han­dler of­fered to help ex­pe­dite the is­sue of this li­cence.

The CRT ex­celled in get­ting us the pa­per li­cence the very next morn­ing.

Plenty has been said about EA’s poor ser­vice to boaters but let us all truly value the changes that have been made by CRT to ex­cel in their cus­tomer ser­vice.

E.D., via email (full de­tails supplied)

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