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Q Hav­ing dis­cov­ered that my BMC 1.8 en­gine has lost wa­ter and lo­cated the area of a leak as shown in the photo, I can’t ac­tu­ally work out where it is com­ing from. Is there is a gas­ket or some­thing sim­i­lar in this area? RICK AN­DREWS, via email A TONY REPLIES: I can see a slightly glossy area (in­di­cated by the ar­row). This may in­di­cate a pin­hole in the rub­ber seal­ing cap di­rectly above it. Some of these rub­ber bel­lows are leak-prone.

A draw­ing for the (sim­i­lar) 1.5 shows a core plug or Welch plug at the back of the en­gine block. Such plugs per­fo­rate with cor­ro­sion from the in­side. Feel around the area with a bent wire: if there is a disk shaped re­cess at the back of the en­gine block, there is a core or Welch plug. Blow­ing up the photo I can see what looks like joint­ing com­pound ooz­ing from where I ex­pect the plug to be, which sug­gests an ear­lier re­pair.

It looks like the en­gine back plate will have to come off for ac­cess, which in­volves re­mov­ing the gear­box and jack­ing up the en­gine so you can take the fly­wheel hous­ing off, then the fly­wheel. Cal­cutt Boats at Stock­ton (01926 813757) should be able to con­firm the ex­is­tence of a plug and sup­ply the parts you need.

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