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QWhen the Alde 2928 cen­tral heat­ing boiler on my boat is switched on, the wa­ter ‘sloshes’ around the sys­tem un­til it comes to tem­per­a­ture and then runs rel­a­tively silently. Is there an equiv­a­lent to the ex­pan­sion tank on do­mes­tic cen­tral heat­ing sys­tems? I can see no way of top­ping up or in­spect­ing the level. As­sum­ing it wants top­ping up, what does one put in? JU­LIAN NEW­TON-TY­ERS, via email

ATONY REPLIES: The Alde has two long metal cov­ers, one above and one be­low the con­trol panel. Push the top one up un­til you can lift it clear of the lip at the top of the con­trol panel and then pull it down. You will see the header tank at the top with the cir­cu­lat­ing pump mo­tor stick­ing out of the lid.

With the pump switched off, un­screw the pump re­tain­ing cap/ring and care­fully lift the pump out of the tank. Fill it no more than quar­ter full (when cold) with 50% an­tifreeze mix­ture.

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