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QMy BMC 1.5 runs at around 60-70C, but a pal who also had a BMC told me 82C was the nor­mal op­er­at­ing tem­per­a­ture. Might the ther­mo­stat be stuck open? I also in­tend to change the oil fil­ter: can you rec­om­mend a sup­plier of parts? JN, via email

ATONY REPLIES: Is this a Cal­cutt Boats BMC? They have fit­ted lower tem­per­a­ture ther­mostats to boats with calori­fiers to stop cus­tomers scald­ing them­selves badly. Di­rect-cooled boats also use lower tem­per­a­ture ther­mostats.

You could change it as long as it is not di­rect-cooled. But be aware that some­one may have tried to cover up an un­der­sized skin tank prob­lem or the like by fit­ting a cooler ther­mo­stat.

If the tem­per­a­ture rises to 60C over about ten min­utes, then the ther­mo­stat is prob­a­bly okay, but a lower tem­per­a­ture one. If it take ages to rise, then it is prob­a­bly stuck open.

If the oil fil­ter is a ‘spin on’ or bowl type, ASAP sup­plies, Cal­cutt Boats or your lo­cal mo­tor fac­tors will be able to help.

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