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QOur 2007 canal boat has a Nanni three-cylin­der en­gine. It has cov­ered 1,300 hours, mostly canal cruis­ing. The en­gine only idles when used in a lock. We sel­dom run to just charge bat­ter­ies. I have used the 15W40 API CD-rated oil from new but have a chance to buy 20 litres of Man­nol API CF 15W40. Is this likely to be too higher a spec for a 1,300hr en­gine? WIRREN, via the CB web­site

ATONY REPLIES: The first ques­tion is what do Nanni say? You should go by the man­u­fac­turer’s rec­om­men­da­tions. The last time I looked on the API web­site it said that grade was ob­so­lete and su­per­seded, but canal use is highly un­usual in that our en­gines rarely have to pro­duce much more than a few horse­power. Diesels tend to pre­fer work­ing un­der a rea­son­able and vary­ing load, so a lower grade oil is of­ten ad­vised. Yours is a three-cylin­der so of more mod­est power than many, this means it will be work­ing harder than the larger en­gines.

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