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QMy boat un­for­tu­nately took on a lot of wa­ter and the en­gine sub­merged. Do I need to re­place the so­le­noid, the starter mo­tor, or both? JIMMER, via the CB web­site

ATONY REPLIES: As many boats have the so­le­noid built onto the starter this can’t be an­swered un­til you iden­tify the en­gine or

the starter. You also give no in­di­ca­tion of how long it was sub­merged, to what depth and how much oil/ fuel there was in the wa­ter.

I think that for a start if you take the mo­tor and so­le­noid off and put them is a warm place for sev­eral days or in a very low oven (say gas reg­ulo a quar­ter or 110C) overnight to dry them out you could be lucky. If that doesn’t work take the whole lot to your lo­cal al­ter­na­tor and starter spe­cial­ists to be sorted out.

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