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QThe al­ter­na­tor belt on my 2001 3-cylin­der Bar­rus Shire 1653 (se­rial no 020343) is get­ting on a bit and al­though I have a (used) spare, or­dered a re­place­ment on­line. The cur­rent belt iden­ti­fies it­self as an optibelt SU­PER TX M= S XPA 1157 Lp. The re­place­ment belt ar­rived stamped with optibelt Su­per X-POWER M= S 1157. Same length, same width at the back (1/2”) so should fit, but no, the new belt has far fewer and much larger cut outs (cogs), As the cur­rent belt ta­per to about 3/16” and the new belt to ¼” it won’t of course seat on the pul­leys. Af­ter much rum­mag­ing around on­line and in chan­dlers I’m no fur­ther for­ward. Bar­rus didn’t re­spond to my en­quiry. Any idea where to go from here?

ATONY REPLIES: Go here and link to their tech­ni­cal man­ual V belts - https://­er­trans­mis­sion/p rod­ucts/v-belts/ su­per-x-power-span-style-color-0 04885-m-s-span.html?cid=3619 --- XPA belts are def­i­nitely belts with the wedge pro­file with a top width of 12.7mm. The 1157 is the length. No bot­tom width is given be­cause that is gov­erned by the belt pro­file. Clas­sic V belts come in top widths of 13 or 10mm. It would be easy to con­fuse a 13mm V belt with a 12.7mm wedge belt. http://www.beltin­­and-wedge-belts -213/help-iden­ti­fy­ingv-belts-591/ --- shows two belt pro­files with a 13mm top width. One is 8mm deep and one is 10mm deep. It seems as if Bar­rus may have sup­plied you with a dif­fer­ent pro­file belt. The di­men­sions/pitch of the notches is of no con­se­quence as long as the belt pro­file is cor­rect. They take lit­tle part in driv­ing and mainly serve to help the belt grip smaller pul­leys. I would ring Bar­rus rather than email or write to them. I think the last web ad­dress will al­low you to or­der the cor­rect belt or seek sup­pli­ers of Optibelt belts and use the SPX 1157 num­ber. I hope this helps but can not be sure I am right with­out ac­tu­ally see­ing the en­gine and belt.

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