Lift and Swing Bridges

Canal Boat - - Etiquette -

Be­fore op­er­at­ing a bridge that re­stricts foot or ve­hic­u­lar traf­fic, the Con­sid­er­ate Boater has a good look to see if road traf­fic or an­other boat is ap­proach­ing to keep the dis­rup­tion to a min­i­mum. If they are the sec­ond boat to ar­rive at the bridge then they despatch their own crew to help.

They also keep bridges open for other boats when needed and don’t get too wound up if the other boat then over­takes. If a Con­sid­er­ate Boater is the one who has been al­lowed to over­take and the next stop is a lock, wa­ter­point or sim­i­lar re­stric­tion then they will al­low the other boat to use the fa­cil­ity first. A re­ally good boater will even set the lock for them.

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