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QI am look­ing to buy a nar­row­boat and like the idea of the sep­a­rate en­gine room, most of the boats I see have old-fash­ioned en­gines. My question is: How big a job would it be to re­place these with a mod­ern en­gine and would the old one be worth any­thing? DTORDOFF

ATONY REPLIES: There is no an­swer to this un­less one can in­spect the boat, take mea­sure­ments, get the mea­sure­ments for the new en­gine and gear­box. Then the likely num­ber of hours and parts re­quired to com­plete the job can be cal­cu­lated. One thing I am sure of is that it will not be cheap. Bud­get for at least £10,000 and it may well dou­ble. Again the worth of the old en­gine will de­pends upon ex­actly what it is and what sort of state it’s in. Some­thing very rare and de­sir­able in good con­di­tion may well pay for the con­ver­sion with money left over. Some­thing fairly com­mon in poor con­di­tion may only fetch lit­tle more than scrap value. Un­less you can give more de­tails I can’t say more.

A boat with a tra­di­tional stern with en­gine room

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