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Be ex­tremely cau­tious about fol­low­ing of­fi­cial change in­ter­vals to the let­ter, be­cause not all tim­ing belts are able to reach them. Car-mak­ers sup­ply both time and mileage-based re­place­ment re­quire­ments, with the im­por­tant pro­viso of ‘which­ever comes first’. This is be­cause tim­ing belts tend to be placed un­der greater stress in stop-start mo­tor­ing con­di­tions, so it’s likely that the tim­ing belt on a low-mileage car that has been used ex­clu­sively for ur­ban trips will fail sooner than one on an iden­ti­cal ve­hi­cle that has cov­ered sim­i­lar mileage on long mo­tor­way runs.

If you are look­ing to buy an older low-mileage car, dis­re­gard the ven­dor’s as­sur­ance that the mileage is too low to jus­tify a tim­ing belt change, when its age in­di­cates oth­er­wise.

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