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The loss of drive on this 2004 Hyundai Getz was quite a shock to the ve­hi­cle’s owner – not just be­cause the drive­shaft had failed, but be­cause he had bro­ken down two weeks ear­lier with the same prob­lem. On that oc­ca­sion, the drive­shaft had sep­a­rated from the outer joint, dam­ag­ing both joint and shaft. We had given him a quo­ta­tion for the job, but were turned down on cost and a friend of a friend did it on the cheap.

This time, the owner de­cided that maybe we should take a look. We dis­cov­ered that the new drive­shaft that had been fit­ted had failed at the in­ner joint. The joint was spin­ning round in the gear­box, but the shaft wasn’t mov­ing. We fit­ted a new shaft from a rep­utable man­u­fac­turer and the owner paid the sur­charge due on the old unit so that we could give him the failed shaft. Now all he had to do was try to get his money back from the friend of a friend!

The new drive­shaft had failed at the in­ner joint, which was sim­ply spin­ning round.

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