Hid­den cor­ro­sion

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The cor­ro­sion on this 2005 Mercedes-benz E-class was mostly due to the fact that it was used to drive down a muddy track on a daily ba­sis to take feed to the owner’s horses. The body­work of the ve­hi­cle was fine, but rust had at­tacked the small sec­tion of brake pipe which was ex­posed to mud thrown up into the rear whee­larch. The small pieces of straw mixed in with the mud had given it a thicker con­sis­tency, mean­ing that it didn’t wash away eas­ily.

The brake pipes on ei­ther side of the ve­hi­cle stretch from the front to the rear, but 99% of the pipe was in road­wor­thy con­di­tion be­cause it is pro­tected by plas­tic un­der­shields.

At first glance, our big­gest con­cern was whether or not the cor­roded union would come un­done. Cut­ting the pipe just above the union al­lowed us to fit a six-sided socket and the union it­self came un­done with­out a strug­gle. A new cupron­ickel pipe was fit­ted, along with new unions, and the sys­tem was bled out.

The cor­ro­sion of the brake pipe was lim­ited to a small area which was un­pro­tected from the mud.

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