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Dur­ing the MOT on this 2001 BMW 325i, we weren’t too sur­prised to find the off­side front lower balljoint had ex­ces­sive wear. The knock­ing noise it was mak­ing was enough to in­di­cate at­ten­tion was needed.

The lower arm has two balljoints and a rear mount. Al­though the rear mount can be re­moved from the arm, this is not al­ways easy and it is much quicker and sim­pler to just re­place the com­plete arm with the mount. One of the tricky parts of the job is un­do­ing the top nut on the in­ner balljoint as they’re not all ac­ces­si­ble with a socket and if they be­gin to spin be­fore the nut has been re­moved it adds to the com­pli­ca­tion. This one played by the rules, al­though a span­ner was needed to undo the in­ner nut, ac­cess­ing it through the un­der­side.

The rear mount un­bolts eas­ily and, with both balljoints un­done and split, the old arm was off. Once the new arm was fit­ted, the Beemer passed its MOT.

The new arm was fit­ted com­plete with rear mount. The in­ner nut is not ac­ces­si­ble with a socket, so a span­ner is used through the un­der­side.

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