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Hav­ing re­cently com­pleted a clutch re­place­ment on a 2010 Audi A6, I was ex­pect­ing the same job on an A5 to be sim­i­lar. My mis­take!

The clutch on the A5 is very dif­fer­ent. The drive­shafts are so far for­wards of the in­line gear­box that one of them ac­tu­ally passes through a gap in the dual mass fly­wheel (DMF). The clutch unit is bolted to the DMF and the whole as­sem­bly needs to be re­moved with the gear­box af­ter de­tach­ing it from the drive­plate – this is sim­i­lar to un­bolt­ing a torque con­ver­tor on an au­to­matic, but with the added weight. Once un­bolted, the six-speed gear­box, along with the DMF and clutch, needs to be low­ered out of the ve­hi­cle. Once out, the near­side drive­shaft which runs through the bell­hous­ing can be re­moved, al­low­ing the clutch and fly­wheel as­sem­bly to slide off the in­put shaft.

The new DMF and clutch as­sem­bly needs to be built up be­fore re­fit­ting onto the gear­box. Once in place, the drive­shaft can be slid back into po­si­tion. The en­tire job takes 7.5 hours and, in­clud­ing of a new DMF and clutch, has a to­tal cost of around £1500.

One of the drive­shafts slides through the spe­cially de­signed DMF unit.

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