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u I was re­cently asked to help rear wheel cylin­der’ and found re­place the brake shoes on a how to do it with­out break­ing friend’s 53-plate Toy­ota Yaris. the pipe. While do­ing the job, the slave The an­swer is to undo the cylin­der popped out, which studs hold­ing the flex­i­ble pipe to meant I had to bleed the brake the hub and the ones hold­ing on cylin­der. Un­for­tu­nately, the the cylin­der, then wig­gling the bleed screw twisted off, so we pipe through the hole. This gives needed a re­place­ment. We got plenty of room to hold the pipe a new cylin­der but I couldn’t nut and, with a pair of vice grips, undo the pipe nut – even screw out the cylin­der (we had though the pipe wasn’t rusty, to ap­ply a lit­tle heat here). it would not shift. Think­ing Once the new one was fit­ted it might be a ma­jor job to and the brakes bled, the job re­place the pipe, I searched on was done. Quite easy, re­ally. Youtube for ‘How to re­place a James Pat­ti­son

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