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The 1.2 and 1.4 work best in the Corsa D, but tim­ing chain is­sues can blight own­er­ship, es­pe­cially if oil and fil­ter change in­ter­vals haven’t been fol­lowed scrupu­lously. In­ci­den­tally, the of­fi­cial regime is ev­ery 12 months or 20,000 miles, but Karl Ward from Au­to­vaux rec­om­mends do­ing it much sooner.

The other ma­jor nig­gle with the D is the crank­case breather pipe, which runs from the cam cover to the throt­tle body – it can swell and split, re­sult­ing in nox­ious fumes en­ter­ing the cabin. There

are two hoses – a thick and a thin one – but they’re not ex­pen­sive to re­place.

Other things to watch for in­clude head gas­ket is­sues and clogged EGR valves on diesels. The lat­ter costs from around £70 at in­de­pen­dents and £163.20 from a main dealer. The diesel en­gines also have a dual mass fly­wheel, so be­ware any cars that rat­tle or vi­brate when com­ing on and off the clutch, as a new DMF is £536.40 from Vaux­hall.

Au­to­vaux told us that the rocker cov­ers on the Corsa D can also prove prob­lem­atic and lead to poor run­ning if the valve in­side seizes; it sells re­place­ments from around £120.

Keep an eye on coolant lev­els, too, as leaks from the ra­di­a­tor are com­mon.

En­gine com­po­nent prices OIL FIL­TER

Main dealer £7.32 In­de­pen­dent from £5.59


Main dealer £9.18 each


Main dealer £536.40 In­de­pen­dent from £369.99

The 1.3 CDTI is rea­son­ably swift and fuel ef­fi­cient, but watch for blocked EGR valves and worn dual mass fly­wheels.

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