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As well as var­i­ous en­gine sen­sors, there’s been a spate of coil pack fail­ures on the Corsa petrol en­gines, ac­cord­ing to Au­to­vaux. If there’s an in­ter­mit­tent mis­fire, this could be why. Heater mo­tors and heater re­sis­tors can also play up. Au­to­vaux sells re­place­ment mo­tors from £78 and re­sis­tors from £18. It also does a re­sis­tor wiring loom re­pair kit for £29.26.

Elec­tri­cal com­po­nent prices COIL PACK

Main dealer £165.60 In­de­pen­dent from £81.99


Main dealer £285.60 In­de­pen­dent from £78.00

The Corsa D’s cabin is com­fort­able, al­though faulty air­con com­pres­sors will make it less pleas­ant in sum­mer.

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