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1 Dis­con­nect the bat­tery’s ter­mi­nals (earth lead first), mak­ing sure you have a note of any stereo codes. Undo the clamp that se­cures the bat­tery in po­si­tion, then re­move it from the en­gine bay. 2 De­tach the elec­tri­cal plug con­nected to the MAF sen­sor and the one next to it. Undo the 5mm Allen key bolt that se­cures the air fil­ter hous­ing, de­tach the front feed pipe, then ma­noeu­vre the air fil­ter hous­ing and pipework out of the en­gine bay. 3 Undo the three 10mm bolts that hold the bat­tery box in po­si­tion. Re­move the 10mm bolt that se­cures an earth wire on the side of the fuse­box, then lift out the bat­tery box. This will al­low ac­cess to the top of the gear­box.

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