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I won­der if you could shed some light on a prob­lem with a 2002 Honda Civic Coupe EM2 with 96,500 miles. I re­cently had a stick­ing near­side front brake caliper. The pads were changed, as was the brake fluid, and a re­man­u­fac­tured caliper core was fit­ted to the af­fected side. I have now no­ticed that my ABS light comes on af­ter driv­ing for about 10 miles or so. When I turn off the ig­ni­tion and restart, the light goes out. Any ideas? David L Reid Turn­ing off the ig­ni­tion and restart­ing would ini­tially clear the fault codes, which is why the light is ex­tin­guished for a time.

If the ABS light is­sue is con­nected with the re­cent work, then there are a cou­ple of points to check first. When the brakes were bled out, air may have en­tered the ABS unit or the in­ter­nal valves in the unit may have be­come sticky. An­other pos­si­ble com­po­nent that could have been dis­turbed is the brake light switch, which is of­ten the cause of prob­lems that, at first glance, ap­pear to be far more com­plex.

There is also the pos­si­bil­ity that the light com­ing on af­ter you have worked on the brakes is purely a co­in­ci­dence and due to a fail­ing ABS wheel sen­sor.

Of course, I am as­sum­ing that the caliper was at fault and that the stick­ing brake wasn’t caused by a hy­draulic fail­ure within the ABS pump, which could also cause the prob­lem you have.

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