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My son has a 1999 Honda Prelude 2.0. The clutch was bit­ing close to the floor, so I checked the fluid and it was very low. I topped it up and went to bleed it, but, as I pressed the clutch pedal, it fell to the floor with no re­sis­tance and would not come back up.

I can­not see any ob­vi­ous fluid leaks. Do you have any sug­ges­tions? John Al­though you can see no ex­ter­nal signs of fluid loss, the level be­ing so low sug­gests there is a leak some­where. The slave cylin­der on your Honda should be bolted ex­ter­nally to the gear­box and I would pull back the rubber boot to en­sure it is not full of fluid. I would also check in the ve­hi­cle by look­ing up above the ped­als to where the mas­ter cylin­der at­taches to the clutch pedal – any sign of damp­ness here is a good indicator of a failed mas­ter cylin­der. Even with no signs of leaks from the mas­ter cylin­der, this

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