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While be­neath the ve­hi­cle, check the se­cu­rity of the ex­haust’s rub­ber hang­ers, as well as in­spect­ing the sys­tem for leaks and se­ri­ous cor­ro­sion. Bro­ken mounts tend to be ob­vi­ous and are in­ex­pen­sive to re­place. En­sure that any sen­sor wiring on ei­ther the ex­haust front pipe, catal­yser, Ad­blue sys­tem (on cer­tain Euro VI diesels) or diesel par­tic­u­late fil­ter (DPF) is un­dam­aged.

Check the con­di­tion of drive­shaft gaiters. While a torn gaiter causes CV grease to be splat­tered onto sur­round­ing com­po­nents, look closely for ad­vanced per­ish­ing. Deep cracks in­di­cate that re­place­ment will be due soon. Do not for­get to check the in­board joints’ gaiters. Some drive­shafts have sup­port bearings; check them for sound­ness and that they are mounted se­curely.

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