Rot­ten ra­di­a­tor

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The owner of this 2006 Peu­geot 206 Sport was not the sort of per­son to spend ex­trav­a­gantly on his car. The ra­di­a­tor had be­gun to leak more than a year ago, as we pointed out when it came in for its MOT. He had de­cided that us­ing an ad­di­tive in the sys­tem would be a good al­ter­na­tive to re­plac­ing the ra­di­a­tor. We are not sure which ad­di­tive he used, but it did last for a year.

When the car was in for its sub­se­quent MOT, we once again pointed out ev­i­dence of coolant es­cap­ing from the ra­di­a­tor. We be­lieve he again added a sealer to the ra­di­a­tor, but the next time we saw him the sit­u­a­tion had de­vel­oped. The ra­di­a­tor had com­pletely rot­ted away and the only so­lu­tion was go­ing to be a re­place­ment.

Be­fore fit­ting the new ra­di­a­tor, we flushed out the cooling sys­tem to en­sure ev­ery­thing was flow­ing freely. Once the unit was in place, we filled the sys­tem with fresh coolant and bled it out.

The ra­di­a­tor was rot­ten to the core and even the best ad­di­tive wasn’t go­ing to make it a ser­vice­able unit.

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