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The owner of this 2006 Vaux­hall As­tra popped in to ask us if we could change a head­lamp bulb for him. The bulb in ques­tion was for the off­side dip beam, and the quick­est and eas­i­est way to gain ac­cess is to pop out the air fil­ter hous­ing. This is only se­cured by one torque screw at the rear, so once the hose clips are loos­ened and the in­duc­tion hoses slipped off, the air fil­ter hous­ing can be lifted up and out. Ac­cess to the head­lamp bulb is then far greater, mak­ing the job of re­plac­ing the bulb much eas­ier.

With the air fil­ter out, it also re­vealed a prob­lem of which the owner was un­aware: the en­gine mount­ing was be­gin­ning to frac­ture. The rub­ber had weak­ened and the in­ner sec­tion was now mov­ing about suf­fi­ciently to ham­mer against the outer bracket, dam­ag­ing the body of the mount­ing. Af­ter the bulb had been changed, the owner booked in the As­tra for the mount­ing to be changed.

Hid­den from view un­til the air fil­ter hous­ing was re­moved, the mount­ing had frac­tured.

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