Messy en­gine

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A small oil leak can make a big mess and can of­ten be dif­fi­cult to pin down. This 2000 VW Golf VR5 had been suf­fer­ing from oil loss for quite a while. The long-term leak had de­vel­oped into a more se­ri­ous sit­u­a­tion and now needed fix­ing. The prob­lem was that the oil that had been leak­ing for some time had coated the en­gine with a thick, black mess. A clean-up was needed be­fore we had a chance of lo­cat­ing the source.

Once things were a lit­tle less sat­u­rated in oil, we could see fluid was seep­ing out from be­low the oil cooler fix­ing cap. We tried tight­en­ing the cap, but this had no ef­fect. Both O-rings had be­come brit­tle with age and, once re­placed with new sup­ple rub­ber, the cap could be tight­ened to seal off the leak.

Years of seep­ing oil through the cap’s seal had cov­ered the en­gine in a thick, black mess.

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