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The air fil­ter is quite easy to ac­cess and the air fil­ter box is fit­ted to the top of the in­let man­i­fold at the back of the en­gine. Dis­con­nect the plas­tic in­take trunk­ing on the pas­sen­ger side of the box, then un­screw the line of four Torx T10 screws.

This is the in­take trunk­ing. It can be a bit of a pig to re­move, but you need to be care­ful to get it off without break­ing any­thing. Use a small flat-blade screw­driver to lift up the re­tain­ing tangs if nec­es­sary.

Here is the air fil­ter in the lower air­box – you can see the three re­tain­ing tangs at the back for the up­per air­box lid. To be fair, our old fil­ter doesn’t look too bad, but we had a ready-to-fit new Puroflux fil­ter sup­plied by GSF Car Parts.

Here’s the new and the old, as well as the up­per air­box with some de­bris. Clean this out, and you should blow out the lower box, al­though this should still be clean. Re­assem­ble the fil­ter box, tak­ing care to get a good fil­ter seal.

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